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Dryer Servicing

The Steadvale Servicing Division offer a dedicated dryers servicing section who work in tandem with the Compressor Servicing section, this specialist team are dedicated in maintaining and servicing our customer’s dryers and filtration.  Offering advice on how to run their dryers more economically.

Steadvale Servicing offer a complete solution to inspecting and servicing air treatment equipment, including brands, such as;

  • ALMiG
  • Burnett & Lewis
  • Delair
  • Deltech
  • Pall
  • PPC
  • Hankinson along with many more makes of dryer equipment

Steadvale Servicing assess your compressed air system to give a full report on the efficiency of your Dryer equipment including an Air Audit which measures, registers and records;

  • System Pressure
  • Temperature of the compressed air
  • Dewpoint temperature
  • Quality (flow)
  • Leakages
  • Parts of dust and oil in the compressed air

In addition the tests will determine the drying capacity of the desiccant and whether it needs replaced to maintain the optimum drying capability. Steadvale can advise on the safe disposal of the desiccant which can be contaminated with oil and other contaminates.

New Compressor and Dryer Installations

For new equipment projects we can provide advice on selecting the correct technology to give the best long term operation solutions.

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