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Kit Product Part Number Quantity
1st Stage Top Cover Gasket PSB008-108 1
2nd Stage Top Cover Gasket PSB008-135 1
3rd Stage Top Cover Gasket CC1003129 1
3rd Stage Top Cover O-Ring PSB006-008 1
Crankcase Door Gasket PSB008-027 2
Crosshead Door Gasket PSB008-006 3
Main Guide Loose Plate Gasket PSB008-015 3
Piston Rod Scraper Gasket PSB008-016 3
1st Stage Valve O-Ring 2-70-310-04 8
1st Stage Valve cover O-Ring 2-70-310-05 8
2nd Stage Valve Cage O-Ring MB133-48 8
2nd Stage Valve Cover O-Ring MB133-49 8
3rd Stage Valve Cage O-Ring MB133-56 4
3RD Stage Delivery Valve O-Ring MB133-55 4
Actuator Diaphragm PSB028-003 14
1st Stage Piston Rod Pkg Wrg Part PSB032-007 1
2NDStage Piston Rod Pkg Wrg Part PSB032-007 1
3RDStage Piston Rod Pkg Wrg Part 2-64-407WP 1
Piston Rod scraper Wrg Parts CC1011486 3
1st Stage Piston Rings 2-28-660-03 2
1st Stage Rider Ring 2-28-660-04 1
2nd Stage Piston Rings 2-28-481-04 2
2nd Stage Rider Ring 2-28-481-03 1
3RD Stage Piston Rings PSB022-054 5
3rd Stage Rider Ring PSB022-055 1
1ST / 2ND Stage Piston Rod Piston Nut PSB002-010 3
Bottom End Bearings PSB014-004 3
Oil Suction Strainer PSB025-005 1
Oil Del Filter Element PSB025-010 1
Oil Del Filter Element O-Ring PSB025-006 1
Air Inlet Filter element NSBP859-004 1
Split Pins NSBP220-025 6
1ST Stage Suction Valve Assy 2-70-755-01 4
1st Stage Delivery Valve Assy 2-70-756-01 4
2ND Stage Suction Valve Assy PSB027-002 4
2nd Stage Delivery Valve Assy PSB029-085 4
3RD Stage Suction Valve Assy PSB027-113 4
3rd Stage Delivery Valve Assy PSB029-058 4
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